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Lucky Lady 2015

3 Days

Inspire. Experience. Celebrate

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Venue: Lucky Lady IV

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Our Facebook events page will be the first source of information for all news relating to the event. There will also be opportunities of winning discounted tickets to the event and much more.

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For Promoters & Volunteers

Lucky Lady IV is always looking for fun energetic promoters who are able to engage their communities and are also very fun. While you get the opportunity to board the Lucky Lady IV as part of her crew, you will get the opportunity of making extra cash incentives. Thinking you’re not cut out to promote or volunteer for us? Think again! If you’re into lighting, photography, drawing, hospitality, bartending and much more we want you to join our ever growing team.

Applications are closed.

Any question?

We understand that since it’s Lucky Lady IV’s first year to ever set sail in Vancouver, the crew are prone to making a lot of mistakes. One of the most important things for us is to get questions, feedback and ideas on how to make LLIV better.

Email us: info@luckyladyiv.ca
Call by phone: (778) 788-3297.